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Storeroom Vintage



Sydney fashion has always had its own unique style, found between a mesh of relaxed beach culture infused with both European and American influences. At the forefront of Sydney’s tattered hipster fashion movement sits Storeroom Vintage. Found neatly hidden away just off Oxford Street, Storeroom Vintage is flourishing where so many others have failed. The vintage movement, as the title suggests, is very old, however eccentric owners Lee Bob and Wade Osborn have found a way to keep it fresh and interesting. From Harley Davidson tee shirts to denim dungarees, Storeroom Vintage has it all – from my own personal experience, every item in their store is a winner. The hardest part about shopping there is narrowing down your options to stay within your budget. My suggestion to you would be to fuck your budget and just buy it! Chances are if you don’t snatch up the opportunity, someone else will and remember, there are no duplicates when it comes to such rare vintage pieces. While AMFAM was down in Sydney, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview the Storeroom Vintage boys.  So here you go.

Iconic Storeroom Vintage in front of the Iconic Storeroom Vintage USA Flag

What was the inspiration behind opening a vintage clothing store? We’ve always been passionate about vintage, and felt stores in Sydney were getting stale and lacking cool unique shit. 

Where do you source your clothes and is there anything in particular you look for when buying vintage?

All our clothes are sourced from the USA. Our style is a blend of 90s Hip Hop, Rock N Roll, 90s sports clothes and 90s Surf wear, so we tend to look for that kind of stuff. We have trashed denim, the sickest Harley Tshirts and rad, old school cartoon tees as well. We look for as rare and unique pieces as we can get our hands on.  

What is your favorite era for vintage clothing and why?

Early 90s is definitely our favourite era. We look back at old photos and we were literally wearing the same shit we wear now. Oversized surf tees, short abstract print boardies, 2pac tees and ripped denim. The 90s rule.

What kind of music do you like to play in your store and do you think this has an impact on your customers’ shopping behavior?

In the store you can expect to hear stuff like Neil Young, The Doors, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, The Stones, Johnny Cash, Mac Demarco, The Smiths. Anything Rock from the 60s through to the 90s. And of course Hip Hop and Rap from the 90s. We like to provide easy listening and create a good vibe for the shoppers. We recently did a stall at Splendor In The Grass and played pretty loud Hip Hop for most of the weekend. We had people shopping as well as dancing. It was pretty rad.

Yeah Elvis!

Do you look to old movies and older pop culture for vintage style inspiration?  

Wayne and Garth are definitely an inspiration [Wayne’s World… party on!]. They are fashion Gods. Even in TV shows like Saved By The Bell they wore the sickest clothes. Alex Mack was rocking overalls and snapbacks before anyone. Also early Tarantino movies, which are obvious. Most 90s movies consist of epic clothes and in most of them we find inspiration.  

If you could style one famous celebrity in Storeroom Vintage gear, who would it be and what would you have them wear?

Can they be a supposedly dead celebrity, but still actually alive [in our minds]? Okay, cool… We’d love to get Tupac into our store, have him wearing a vintage rap tee with Tommy Hilfiger overalls and a Ralph Lauren bucket hat and get a picture in front of our giant American flag for our Instagram. Imagine how many likes that would get!  #instafamous Who is your target market and how do you go about marketing to them?  

Our target market is anyone who appreciates the importance of being an individual. Instagram has been such a great marketing tool for us and has been a vital part of growing our business.  

What is your vision for the future of Storeroom Vintage? We don’t like to think too far ahead but we will continue to provide epic vintage and expand our vintage empire. We won’t stop until ya Mum and Dad are rocking Store Room Vintage Threads.

The Must-Have Jewelry Trends Of The Season



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

A trendy, fashionable outfit can quickly go south without accessories (this makes an outfit look absolutely naked) or the wrong accessories (you might as well not leave the house). There are certain trends that are in this season that are not only simple accessories, but they are even affordable too! How does one look like a supermodel without breaking the bank? If you pick up a couple of the following jewelry accessories, you can look fabulous this fall, while saving plenty of money for future holiday expenditures.

A favorite this fall season is the ever-so-versatile arm cuffs. Arm cuffs (bracelets) were all the rage in the 80’s, from neon to various costume accessories and they have made a serious comeback. Stars like Selena Gomez tend to wear the arm cuffs higher up the forearm or even on the upper arm at chest level. Arm cuffs are quite versatile as you can even wear them dangling from the wrists.


What is the comeback difference from the 80’s? For those who want to be fashionable this season, opt for gold or silver verses the popular day-glow colors of 1982. Affordable and popular labels for arm cuff accessories include Statements by DCK, Madewell, Catbird, to name just a few.

On the accessory cuff trend also includes the unquestionably popular ear cuffs. Ear cuffs (think earrings) are the best jewelry earring accessory to bring out that bad biker girl look without having to physically go out and get multiple piercings. Stars like Diane Kruger, Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson have been photographed wearing multiple ear cuffs (think two or three) and this trendy look clearly channels one’s inner bad girl. Affordable and trendy brands include Tomas, Species by the Thousands, Luv AJ and Nasty Gal.

Layers are in, even when it comes to the season’s jewelry accessories, which is apparent by the emerging Midi Ring trend. What are Midi Rings? Midi Rings are multiple stacks of tiny rings that are worn on one finger. This layered ring look is not only easy to pull off, but one can also accessorize with rings that are designed in multiple colors and textures, if they do not want to go for a matching look. Many fashionistas even go so far to practice stacked ring Feng Shui.

Typically, this look is all about balance with four or five matching rings on the first finger, a tall shaped ring on the middle and the balanced look is completed with a short stack of different sized rings on the ring finger. While this may sound complicated, it is actually quite easy to achieve the trendy look. Nasty Gal offers the Midi Rings on the lesser expensive side (retail price $15.00) and brands such as Catbird are on the more expensive side (retail price $195.00), however the Catbird Midi Rings are 14K and come in rose, white and yellow gold.






What Is A Model Build?



By Calynn M. Lawrence

If you are wondering what the typical physical characteristics of a fashion model are, then you have come to the right place. This article will break down the average things that each type of model requires.


High fashion models indeed go through the most stress because their look is the hardest to achieve or maintain for many people. Because they are modeling live and in person, it is recommended that they be as tall and as thin as possible so that the clothes can lay flat and long like an artistic canvas. This does look quite beautiful, especially on the runway.

The average high fashion – editorial model stands at 5 foot 10, ranging from usually 5 foot 8 to 6 feet for women. Their weight is dependant upon body type, however, many fashion models have reported only weighing around 125 pounds. The deal is more about measurements. Exaggerated body types are not typically for high fashion. Therefore, many models have a modest chest size, B cup or smaller, a very slim waist, 24 inches about, and a maximum 11 inch waist to hip ratio.


Commercial models are not asked to be very tall. They typically start off at about 5 foot 5 and up. Because they are selling a product, they are required to have a definite personality and sometimes an acting background so that they can be most efficient for the commercial. Although they are not usually heavy set, they are seldom very thin. They tend to be about average size so that the average person can relate better to them. Also, their bodies tend to be more modest so that it does not distract from the message of the advertisement. In America, the average size for a woman is between a 10 and 12, yet commercial models typically start at a size 6 to 8. They are often times required to smile so having nice teeth is a must as well.


Plus sized models are typically made out to be very strong and sexy so casters want people to fit this category. Having a strong attitude and a love about yourself is key when it comes to making strides in this industry. Believe it or not because the camera adds weight, plus size modeling starts at a size 10 in many places. However, the average plus sized model is a minimum of a size 12 to 14. This is one field of modeling where exaggerated body types are encouraged and embraced! The more voluptuous the better!

As you can see, different field of modeling require different things. However, it is about you and what you are comfortable with. Going in with prior knowledge as to what they are expecting will be much beneficial.

Catwalk Or College?



By Alex Knies
Phresh Off The Runway

Last week I felt like a normal teenager. I parted from my “double life” as a model, and went to New York City with my mom. No, I was not there to model. I was there to tour colleges. Yes, a model is considering getting an education.

It’s common for high schoolers to graduate and attend university. High school is defined as a time of cramming for countless tests and projects, all to get into a great school. But all of this cramming just leads to more cramming – only this time, in a dorm room. College is a great experience for those that can make the time for it.

Modeling may look like a glamorous hobby, full of luxurious clothing and parties, but it isn’t. Modeling is a full-time job for many. We obviously get paid for it- how else would we get that nice clothing? And college is supposed to prepare us for getting a job. So what do we do when we already have one?

The peak of a models career tends to be around their early-twenties, even younger. Runway especially is full of young adults, who most likely arrived backstage with their parents. Unfortunately, the peak of a student’s career is around the same time. As of now, we’re forced to choose one or the other: college, or catwalks.

Most of the time, the models that do attend school do so after their modeling career. Or at least, after they become relevant. If you think about the supermodels ruling the industry right now (Gigi, Kendall, Taylor) how many are seen in the classroom? #KenGi plans on riding along with Vogue as long as they can.

But truthfully, I’ve learned a lot more on set than in the classroom. Last month I was learning French greetings, and now I’m talking to designers from Paris. Modeling’s an education in itself. You just have to take all that you can from it. Many models just show up to pose for the camera. I come fully equipped to learn all that I can. I’ve learnt about so many of different cultures just from talking to the Indian photographers, or the African designers. Who knew not all Indians like curry?

They say that high school and college are supposed to prepare us for the “real world.” But I feel as if I’m already working in the real world. Sure, modeling may not be the most conventional job. Yet I somehow have exceeded even the brightest honor students in my class. Taking what I know on how to develop an argument has helped me get a higher salary at a shoot.

So it all comes down to wanting to walk the halls or walk the runway I guess. It’s something that most likely will require a pros and cons list. Not all models’ careers last forever. Neither does any one’s career really. But what we can take away from both we we hopefully will remember forever.

What Do Models Do In-Between Shows At MBFWA?



By Gabby Neal


Ok maybe not all the time, but while we were running around backstage on Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia we bumped into a group of gorgeous girls hanging out around a table with bags of popcorn and eating banana’s.

Depending on the amount of shows you do (we ran into one girl who told us she was walking in almost every show besides two – hectic I know!) there can be extremely little down time in between.

And although we walked past huge towers of boxed museli bars and trays and trays of bottled water, for the model getting a chance to eat this in between sitting down and getting their hair and make-up done, run throughs and the actual shows, can prove little chance to actually eat the food on offer and refuel.

So running into these girls provided the perfect opportunity to pick their brains and ask them about all the ins and outs of fashion week and the tips and tricks they’ve learnt along the way.

How would you describe fashion week?

A few of the words being thrown around included: chaotic, sleepless, fun, blisters, stressful, make up remover (lots and lots), early mornings and long days.

How many shows are you walking in today?

One of the girls said 15 (almost every show of the day) and another 12. (that’s a lot of make up going on and off and hair being played with).

What’s the best part about fashion week?

Of course, like anyone would say the girls collectively said “Free food” and the aspect of meeting new people.

Are any of you studying? Do you have a job other than modelling?

One of the girls mentioned she was on her Gap year so working and taking a break from school and study and another was in the middle of uni (she had her books and was studying any moment she could).

What do you do in your down-time between shows?

I realised this was a pretty stupid question once I’d been talking to them. They’d all just been talking about how chaotic it was. However they did say they like to sleep and eat between shows – given.

I also thought this presented a perfect opportunity to pick their brains on their hair and beauty routines and any tips they have.

Don’t wear make-up

Tone and cleanse daily

Drink lots of water

Get enough sleep

Use any products with salicylic acid – really works for one of the girls

Use coconut oil on lips

Use rose hip oil underneath your eyes

If there is a lot of product or oil in your hair – wash your hair with dishwashing liquid

Coke-a-cola sometimes works too

One of the girls made a comment saying “I had a lot more hair before when I started modelling”

And lastly, with the rise of the insta-famous models and the impact Instagram has on their careers, i wanted to know their thoughts on the topic.

They all said it made them feel anxious and annoyed. As girls were getting gigs without going through the hard yards of actually working to get their name out there. They also said they felt a lot of stress to appear “cooler” than what they are and the need to always be posting.

Model Diaries #9 May the 19th



May the 19th be the most amazing day ever? Or May it pale in comparison with a Tokyo DisneyLand Adventure that was May the 18th?

Which tastes better?

The morning coffee that gets you going or the evening coffee that sends you home?

That’s a Japanese coffee cup for you 🙂

My world is a bit of a T.R.I.P
Totally. Rad-tastic. Inner. Perception.

All About The Numbers



I’m Just an Instagram Number

When I first started writing this, I was interrupted by my phone buzzing to tell me I had two new followers on Instagram. I used to be happy about it – like when I had 1000 followers- but now, each notification is just a reminder that I am going to need to find something interesting to post as well as make it to all of my castings.

Social Media Can Be Revolting

Back in the beginning, I didn’t use social media. My brother was way into it though. He has a Twitter account that he constantly tweets perfectly obnoxious things:

“Saw my sister on a magazine cover. Still think she is a dork.”

And he does it In less than 140 characters.

I’m just not into that type of stuff. I much rather have my time sitting back in a pair of yoga pants, watching some reality TV while giving myself a pedicure.

That is my idea of fun- not posting a picture of my half-painted toes so that some creepy guy can repost it on a foot fetish site.

But my agent wants followers and followers want crazy. You know, like Kim K crazy. Sure, make me a celebrity, but isn’t this borderline working for free?

Get To Know Your Everyday Model

A lot of times, my agent posts things for me. She’ll grab snapshots from backstage, OMG moments that are safe to share, and paparazzi style on-set pics. Still, everyone at the agency has been hounding me about finding my own things to share so that fans get to know me.

Let’s see…. I’m a human being. I eat, sleep and poop. Occasionally I paint my toenails.

That’s worked to get me the first couple thousand, but how do I reach the 500,000 my agent is pushing for.

Smile and Wave

The whole Instagram situation reminds me of when my mom had me do pageants. There I was, parading around like an overdressed clown smiling big and doing whatever I could to impress the judges. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized pageant life was not for me. Too much smiling and acting. I just wanted to strut.

So when my pageant coach told her infamous modeling vs. beauty queen joke, I knew it was time to take decisive action…

“What’s the difference between a model and a beauty queen? Personality.”

She sure had a lot to say about my personality when I left to sign with an agency.

I dodged the bullet of endless smiling and waving only to enter an industry where I’m judged by my ability to share personal pictures of my life.

Well – now you now – I suck at it, but I don’t think that has anything to do with my skills as a model.

Why We Need More Awareness Of Hijabi Fashion



By Naima Karp

About two summers ago, two girls from similar backgrounds, coming from very different cities, united in their journey to create fashion that fit their fashion identity with their religious identity, adhering to orthodox modesty in their day to day wear while staying equally true to their fashion sense. Mushky married Mimi’s brother, and the two women often discussed starting a business together, especially as it was difficult to stay modest, while fashionable, during the hot New York summers. They didn’t think the two factors had to be mutually exclusive. During Shabbat, their husbands eventually convinced the two to turn their interest in the field into a tangible business from their humble home in Crown Heights, called MimuMaxi.

Concerning their business and their philosophies, the women are quite open to being in the public eye, encouraging others to educate people about their beliefs and to champion them.  “We want to focus on human commonality,” says Mimi, using this point of human connection as one of her greatest loves of the work she does; bringing people of different communities together. Recently, the brand has been all over the internet after posting a photo of a Hijabi fashion blogger wearing one of their skirts. She also happened to be wearing a hijab, which sparked more debate than the girls expected, or asked for. Their connection with Almarchada came about rather organically, as have many of their relationships with consumers of other religions. Jewish, Christian, and otherwise, bloggers reach out to the women on Facebook, and they often respond to their fans with gratitude, sending them a free piece or two. While they have received offers to be carried in various boutiques, they thrive on the connection with their customers so much that it hasn’t been a priority in either Mushky or Mimi’s minds. 

If you’re from any country where a hijab is part of your daily life, the concept of identity in the throes of your teen years can be even more confusing with the addition of a uniform. Many young girls in the West take for granted being able to express themselves through fashion, and help in finding their identity and voice as a growing woman. However, some who are young and wear a hijab may feel restricted, or excluded from the fashion world entirely. While fashion may seem worthy of eye-rolling to some, it’s an integral part of adolescence and finding all the unique parts that make up who you are, in vital years.  

“Modernizing traditions is something that we’re trying to do,” says Mushky. It’s true, as with Western girls, no one wants to be confined to their grandma’s stuffy old robes that swallow your body completely. Comfy classics from the girls include empire-waisted striped dresses, fun floral prints, and long white tunics. 

With fashions like this becoming modernized and more every day, it’s also powerful in decoding foreign cultures, and letting them be more understood by the West. Social media pages and fashion bloggers writing about modest and hijabi fashion are small steps in dismantling the fear surrounding the unknown of the Middle East, and Islamic nations, as well as many others. Frivolous fashion collaborations giving way to peace might seem unrealistic, but they’re without a doubt a step in the right direction. 

10 Fashionable Characters From Movies



The films produced by Hollywood have frequently proved to be an inspiration to many people, when it comes to fashion. This is largely down to such stylish characters as then 10 we will list in this article.

1. Jacob

One of the most stylish characters we have seen in the movies in recent years, was Ryan Gosling’s Jacob in 2011’s Crazy Stupid Love. His character starts out as a womaniser and much of his success is down to his perfectly tailored suits and cashmere casual wear.

2. Cher Horowitz

The dizzy Valley Girl character played by Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, from 1995, was a real style icon with young women at the time – with her knee socks and A-line miniskirts making her aspirational for many. Her outfits proved she was not stupid.

3. Mookie

Going from one extreme to another, this character played by Spike Lee in his own 1989 film Do the Right Thing wore the hip clothing of the streets at that time – namely x-large sports shorts and top. This perfectly fitted the cutting edge tone of the film.

4. Patrick Bateman

You wouldn’t want Patrick Bateman’s vain, psychopathic soul, but you might well want his immaculately tailored dark, pinstriped suits and designer shirts. The character in American Psycho (1999) needed to exude surface cool and his look achieved that.

5. Carrie Bradshaw

It is impossible to leave out this character, a Manhattan-based journalist in Sex and the City (2008). She wore non-stop high fashion, from Manolo shoes to Prada dresses, suiting the glossy, fairytale aspects of the film.

6. Axel Foley

If ever there was a character who proved that being fashionable didn’t have to mean high fashion it was Eddie Murphy’s wisecracking cop in Beverly Hills Cop (1982). His jeans, fraternity jacket and t-shirt defined men’s casual wear in the US to this day.

7. James Bond

James Bond is pretty much always the king of style and in the first Pierce Brosnan outing from 1995, Goldeneye, he wore everything from Brioni suits to Persol shades, ensuring a super-smooth that defined that era of Bond. Whether Bond is in a casino or on his mobile enjoying some online pokies at casinoonline.co.nz, he will always look like a million dollars – literally.

8. Elle Woods

This Reese Witherspoon character from 2003’s Legally Blonde was like a ten-years-later update of Cher from Clueless. Her wardrobe was almost entirely pink, befitting her girly character, but was also ultra fashionable – showing she was no fool.

9. Chow Mo-Wan

In the Mood for Love was set in 1960, but made in 2000, and Tony Leung’s character was like a proto-Don Draper, albeit rather more moral, in his beautifully tailored suits – showing that classic men’s style never goes out of fashion.

10. Zoolander

In his outrageous outfits, such as a leopardskin suit with matching accessories, male model Zoolander (Ben Stiller) was certainly always one to stand out from the crowd. It is unlikely that he will have toned down his taste in clothing in the new sequel released this year.

To celebrate the release of Zoolander 2 it’s time for us all to give ourselves a high fashion makeover.

Cara Delevingne RUSSH



Cara Delevingne RUSSH from cara stricker on Vimeo.